Craft Workshops At The Chicken Shed

Whether your looking to learn a new skill or just get away for a few hours for some uplifting fun, I’ve got it covered! From upholstery, to learning how to create your own “shit art” there is something for everyone.

Even though I work in the arts, I am actually a trained practitioner of Solution Focused Therapy ( I could have letters after my name if I want 😂) .

The reason why I’m mentioning this isn’t just to show off ....but that in this era of high anxiety and mental health I can resoundingly say that learning a new skill can have a dramatic effect on your well a good way that is!

The lift you gain from creating and finishing a project in the company of others is second to none and can have a positive effect on your confidence and well being.....I can guarantee you will leave the Chicken Shed with a spring in your step and smug smile on your face.... I can’t be responsible if others find you annoying though😜

And if that isn’t enough to “book on” you get to hang out in the most glamorous Chicken Shed in the world ....surround yourself with inspiration and become the inspiration.