Angel Wings Desk Chair




With many of us working from home perhaps now is the time to ditch your bland computer chairs in favour of a total glammed up version!

Who doesn’t want a chair with angel wings on the back🤷‍♀️

Completed to exceptional standards in Gilded leaf….upholstery and art work…these chairs will the centre of any office and may make you “fly” through your work😜

Fabrics here are from and come in varying designs.

Please state upon purchasing order details….colours ..fabric for example ….don’t hesitate to contact…I get as excited as you designing the chairs.

Edit….There is only one Mary Magdalene chair left as that fabric is discontinued.

Orders take approx two weeks to complete and are delivered via parcel force…if you are able to pick up safely or are local to Bristol please contact before purchase as I can reduce the cost.

Thankyou for supporting me in these strange times ……all my love ….Marcie K xxx