Drippy Chairs Galore

When you’re in the business of upcycling quite often you come across chairs with decent upholstery but there is just no way you could live with it in your home or shop, but on the other hand you are loath to just rip it off.  So in the spirit of make do and change ….I ask, can you spray paint fabric?

Well the short answer to that is yes but obviously there are a few techniques that work better than others….and the best way to find out is just give it a go!

I first discovered this possibility when I needed to make some chair props to style a picture for the Xmas edition of Reclaim magazine.

Insert pic of Reclaim pic

As ever deadlines mean leaving it to the last minute so I had no time to play with a stapler and a paint brush…so sod it …I just went for it…and what a result!! Some of my main concerns were;

Does it come off if people sit on it?

Does it fade?

Does it feel weird?

Does it smell? ( ha ha ha that wasn’t a concern but it’s a legitimate one right? )

But being the brave lady she is, Lou Watkins begged to purchase one and be a guinea pig. So I can officially say from her market research the chair is still going strong and to the above concerns I can say NO to all of them…here you can see it styled beautifully in her home via Instagram @lou_a_watkins

So moving on I have tweaked what I did the first time…but they still hold a special place in my heart!

All the boring bits first


Polyvine varnish (used as a primer)
Kobra Matt spray paints
Rusteleom primer( for the wood)

It goes without saying you need to clean your chairs…fill in any holes etc if you have any.

Sand lightly all over to help the primer cling on

Starting with the Rusteleum primer chuck your chair upside down and following the instructions on the can start slowly spraying. Best to choose a non windy day for this unless your after a bit of spray back! I always start with chairs upside down to ensure I don’t miss a leg..it’s happened!

Once the primer has covered the chair whilst it’s drying prime the fabric with the Polyvine Matt varnish
This helps the spray sit on the fabric and stops you having to use so much spray to get rid of the patchy look, plus has the advantage of making it a bit waterproof. It does make it slightly stiff, but not in an offending way.

Next is the fun bit…..watching your chair come alive in it’s chosen colour. Here I used Black Sea Matt spray by Kobra…£3.99 from my local art store.

Good tip for spraying is keep it light as you build up to the final colours in layers.

Once the whole chair is covered now comes the scary bit……getting the drips!!

This is easier than you imagine but it’s a good idea to practice on something first…I keep using our fence much to Paul’s horror!!

Basically just hold the spray can as close to chair and go for it! Just keep the nozzle in one position until the paint builds up and starts to dribble down….if you go too mad you can always go back over with the Black Sea….finally I give the bottom section a coating of polyvine and then all you need is to wait for it to dry……some of the drips can take a few days to set.

BOOM….behold your drippy spectacular chairs you can see this in the home of @edwardian_house on Instagram

Alternatively, if you can’t be bothered with this you can always buy one of mine http://marciekdesigns.com/shop/